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  1. I have a student with select mutism. She whispered in my ear for the first time mid December. She has whispered to one student in the class beginning mid February. That's it!! Talks nonstop at home but mute at school (kindergarten). I would LOVE and appreciate any advice, insight, suggestions, web sites. Thanks!!😀

    1. Hi Kelly! From my experience and research, children can regress and stay "stuck" until they are ready to handle their anxiety. If your student is still whispering to you or another student, then that is GREAT progress! My son was diagnosed 5 yrs ago and still will not whisper to his classmates. You can read all of my S.M. articles here -

      The SMART Center site has many great resources for teachers and parents-

      Also, check out this site. Just do a search for "Selective Mutism"

      I hope you find this information helpful. The number one piece of advice that I have is to deal with the anxiety first and remove the expectation to talk. Once the child learns to apply coping strategies they will be ready to start the desensitization process, which I talk about in some of my articles.

      All the best! Lauren


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