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M precious family:  me, my three sons, and husband

 I have been a mom for over twenty years and a teacher for twenty-four years.  My hope and desire is to bring you informative and interesting literacy content to inspire you and to share my experiences as an educator and mother, both past and present.  I strive make my blog more than an "infomercial" of the educational products that I create.

 I've been a reading specialist for the last ten years and most recently a literacy coach for Pre-K to grade 5 in an elementary school. I began my career teaching honors British and World Literature to high school juniors and seniors. Developed elective course curricula for Shakespeare and Women In Literature courses. Next, I moved on to middle school, teaching grade 8 English Language Arts for 7 years. English department chair for 6 years. I worked as a literacy resource teacher for grades 6-8 and wrote, coordinated, and led professional development to teachers on a weekly basis for four years. I often joke that I went from teaching Shakespeare to teaching Pete the Cat, and I would have it no other way! 

And now, I am a homeschool mother to my youngest son. This is certainly my most important teaching gig and one that I have always wanted to do. You will notice that the content of my blog has transitioned to homeschool content, as that is where my passion lies.

In my "spare" time, I love to read, spend time with my four mini-dachshunds, attend to our backyard chickens, and enjoy coffee and convo with my friends!

I contribute to:

Adventures in Literacy Land


B.S.Ed. English
M.Ed. Reading

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