Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Learning About Christmas Traditions: A QR Code Project

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Once a month, I like to feature a new resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store that I think other educators could use. My latest product was, like many others, born out of necessity. As I was planning for December, I wanted my 3rd grader to learn about Christmas celebrations in other countries, but I also wanted him to learn a little about the holiday traditions in our family.  My son has been asking me to create an activity with QR codes, so my latest endeavor makes us both happy!

Print out the booklet and just add a device to read QR codes like an iPad or a Kindle, and you are ready to go!

I printed the cover in color and also in black and white to save ink.  Either way, the booklet looks great!


A sample page from the booklet.  It is designed so that there is a different topic/tradition with a QR code on one page and a note-taking page beside it. All codes lead to different pages of the same website.  I chose this site {cited in the resource} because it was created just for teachers and kids!

There are a total of (6) traditions to research.  If you are short on time, have small groups of students complete one topic to read about.  Have them read together, decide on the most important facts, and work together to put the information into their own words to complete the note-taking page.  Then, have groups present their learning while the audience (rest of the students) take notes and complete that page of their booklet.  It's kind if like a Jigsaw activity.

The remaining two pages have reflection questions for students to compare the information to their traditions. This could be completed individually and used as an assessment; make sure to emphasize that students need to include factual information from their research in their responses.

 But wait!  There is more... There is also a writing prompt to extend students' learning and connect to their own experiences:

This writing activity also includes a brainstorming page, an editing and revising checklist as well as stationery sheets for the rough draft and final copy.

And all of this for just $3.50!  See the video below for a little glimpse into how I used this at home!

If you're interested in seeing the listing, just click the pic at the top of this article.

Merry Christmas!

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