Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sneaky Poetry

We just wrapped up our chocolate unit where we read several chapter books, nonfiction articles, and read some poetry about chocolate.  Such a yummy and engaging unit for all of us!  As I was wandering around the Internet, I found a "recipe" for Sneaky Poetry. This short poem makes use of a formula for writing a five line descriptive poem about any topic.  Each line of the poem gives clues that "sneak up" on the topic, which is disclosed at the end. I took the idea and added my own spin on it!

I had our topic be about chocolate- any type or kind.  I shared my poem that I wrote about a Snickers Bar.  After a review of adjectives, we brainstormed topics and took a closer look at the formula.

Each line describes the topic and the topic is written on the last line.  It is fun, creative, and an excellent activity for your reluctant writers since the writing process is heavily scaffolded and there is a formula to follow.  Plus, it is a short poem that won't overwhelm them.

My son wanted to type his final copy and was pretty pleased with the end result.  I was thrilled that he felt successful and proud of his writing!

There are so many variations of how you could use Sneaky Poetry.  Students could choose a book, a character, a holiday, or a content related topic from science or social studies.  Since this was such a success, I wanted to share this with you!  I have uploaded the direction sheet with my example, the formula, and brainstorming sheet as well as drafting and final copy papers.  Click here to download this FREEBIE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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