Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Mom Doesn't Want the School Year to End.... It's NOT What you think!

Well, at least it is almost out for the year here in PA.  Just a few more short weeks left of packing lunches, early bedtimes, weekly spelling tests and then this school year is wrapped up.  I have never liked beginnings and endings, hellos, or goodbyes.  The school year is no different for me. I get weepy-eyed at the start and end of school year.  Now that my oldest is an adult at the age of 22 years, I am all too aware of how fleeting childhood is.  My two youngest boys, ages 8 and 9, are a precious, miraculous gift, and I want to cherish every.single.minute.

That it is already the end of the year seems unfathomable to me.  I want to stop the clock and prolong their childhood.  We are not the same people we were at the beginning of the school year.  That's good, as there have been growth, maturation, and blessings.  On the other hand, there have been set-backs, disappointments, and let's face it, growth can be painful and scary.

We started the school year strong, even though this mom wasn't ready for her middle child to be a 3rd grader!  He really was this excited to start the school year.  And now, I am thinking how he only has two years left of his elementary school years... this is just how my brain works.  I know I can't be the only mom that thinks like this, can I?

At the beginning of the year, I was homeschooling my youngest son who is finishing 2nd grade.  Except, that he was sick with a fever the first day of school.  And then, we had some bumps in the road and I was hospitalized for 21 days between October and November.  

With a heavy heart, my husband enrolled him in public school.  It was what needed to be done at the time, and even though he has had an incredible school year with a one-of-a-kind-amazing teacher, I still mourn the fact that I wasn't able to homeschool him. 

As we learned many times this year, things don't always go as we plan, hope, and pray for.

This year, my oldest took a year off from college and joined the Army National Guard.  Instead of hitting the history books, he spent the year in basic and advanced trainings.  He is not the same "kid" he was a year ago. My heart has ached and missed him so much this year, as I went months without speaking to him let alone seeing him.  We are beyond joyous that he will be closer to home in a just two weeks!

At this point, I am hearing my father's voice fire off a "And your point is..." in my head.  My point is this:  even on days when my boys are driving me nuts, there is no other place I'd rather be.  For I know that this whole mom gig is over  While some parents are celebrating the beginning of the school year like it's Christmas Day and grieving over the end of the school year, I embrace this long stretch of summer vacation that is just peeking on the horizon.  Days that we spend 24/7 together doing, well, doing "our thing":  days spent at the lake, at the pool, at the beach, at the library, at home, riding bikes, playing in the mud, and walking the dogs-- just being a family.

Because the end comes all too suddenly and then POOF! they are grown.  And I know that is how it is supposed to work.  And year after year, I had warnings and reminders that it would end some day.

Like now, the end of another school year beckons that one day I won't be surrounded and engulfed in the messy life of a mom to three boys.

So, yeah, it is sad that another school year has come to and end, but not because I will now be with my boys from "son"rise to sundown. It's sad that my boys are a year older. The end of school reminds me that time is marching on at break-neck speed. 

Weary moms:  know that the cliche' that kids grow up in the blink of an eye really is true.  Know that what you are struggling with right now will only last for a season and then later you will cherish the memories of that season.  Know that the days are long, but the months fly by and the years have no mercy as they race on.

Embrace and celebrate the end of yet another school year. 

The summer season lies wide open in front of us... make the most of every moment and enjoy the memories you will make!

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  1. Thanks for the reminders Lauren! Have an incredibly blessed summer with your family.
    Laughter and Consistency


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