Friday, February 20, 2015

Reading Strategies and Genres: Fairy Tale Posters

As a classroom teacher, reading specialist, and literacy coach, I have worked with students and teachers from preschool to grade 12.  Back in the early 1990’s, I began my research and application of what we called active reading strategies:  summarizing, predicting, evaluating, reviewing, connecting, inferring, questioning, visualizing, determining main idea, and synthesizing.  At present, these are often called reading comprehension strategies or cognitive strategies.

My resource, Fairy Tale Reading Comprehension Posters was created when I needed a visual reminder for students in  my reading intervention groups and when I was modeling lessons in teachers’ classes. Created specifically for grades K-2, you can use them with older students as well.  I used them on my Focus Wall, bulletin board, and magnetic white board.  I laminated the entire set, added magnetic strips to the back, and kept them on the side of my filing cabinet (which faced toward the students) when not in use.  This way, they were always visible to students and easily accessible to me!

Genre Poster

Comprehension Poster

I suggest printing on card stock, laminating, and placing magnetic strips on the back.  Use during instruction to help students anchor their learning of a simple, kid-friendly definition for each strategy /reading comprehension skill.  Hopefully most students are familiar with fairy tales and the pictures can help as a concrete example and reminder. 

As a classroom teacher and specialist, I used these posters!  The possibilities are endless!  To purchase your set, click here.

AND, I have a FREEBIE for you!  For those working on summarizing the story, download this organizer that coordinates with the poster set.  I created this for my 2nd grade son when he was struggling to write a summary paragraph and needed a bit more scaffolding.


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