Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reindeer Reading: Informational Reading for Primary Grades

It's all about reindeer today!  I am linking up with my friend, Carla, from Comprehension Connection!  I will be showcasing my Reading Reindeer literacy resource that I have available in my little TpT store.  But, make sure you click the link below to read about other reindeer activities including FREE ones, suggested reading, crafts, and more!

My children have inspired me and motivated me to be a better mom and teacher.  The youngest two are my guinea pigs when creating new items for my students.  Recently, when I realized that they thought reindeer were imaginary creatures, my latest product was born!  Now, not to dis Rudolph, but I thought it would be fun to create a nonfiction packet about these very interesting creatures.  We all know that boys love nonfiction reading and all students, at least mine, enjoy reading about animals.

My Reindeer Reading packet includes an original three page nonfiction/ informational article about reindeer:  what they look like, what they eat, and where they live. My children were excited to learn they live in Alaska.  My husband went to Alaska last fall on mission's trip with our church. Sadly, he did not see any reindeer in the wild!

Informative Article- Includes three pages!

My boys were peeking over my shoulder as I created this packet that is filled with graphic organizers, vocabulary cards, and writing activities.  Although the reading level is too difficult for my youngest, the oldest (reads at Guided Reading Level of H/I) was able to read it with support.

Before reading activities include a K-W-L organizer (shown above), A Can, Have, Are chart, and vocabulary cards  (Tier 3 words) to assess prior knowledge.  The three pages are perfect to use in Guided Reading or even in a center if students can complete the reading independently with little scaffolding.  I added thinking prompts at the end of each page to prompt for active reading.  Also perfect to use in science class to integrate reading and writing with the content areas!

After reading students complete their reindeer book to record the main idea and important details.  As well, there is a narrative prompt and three different stationery sheets to complete the final copy.

There is a lot more in this literacy packet!  With a total of 20 pages, it is enough for one week of instruction for your high level first graders and on-level 2nd or 3rd graders.  When writing and designing the unit, I implemented the CCSS, the reading process, and best practices to use to engage, motivate, and to foster higher level thinking skills in my little readers.  There is no crafty component to this because when I pull out readers it is for either intervention or enrichment, and I simply do not have time, as I'm sure you can relate to!  I used this activity with high level first graders and used it in a highly structured and scaffolded small group with struggling second graders.

You can check out the packet and see more details here.  Don't forget the check out the other bloggers who have linked up to share their reindeer highlights.  Click the linky picture at the top of this post.


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