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Teach Like a Pirate Summer Book Study: I Like to Move It!

Ahoy, Mates! 

Welcome to the book study for the wildly popular Teach Like A Pirate: Increase Student engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator by Dave Burgess.

Come aboard as I give a brief overview of Part 2:  Crafting Engaging Lessons, specifically the "I Like to Move it, Move It" section.

This chapter opens with the above quote (the two little pirates-in-training are mine!) that reminds us that movement isn't just fun for kids, but that it is also necessary for optimal brain functioning.

Dave Burgess, the author, presents three presentational "hooks" in this section.  The hooks are methods to engage students right from the time they enter your room, as well as ideas for maintaining. student interest and involvement.

The three hooks explained in this section are:  The Kinesthetic Hook, the People Prop Hook, and The Safari Hook.  For each hook, there are questions for you, the teacher, to ask yourself when planning engaging lessons.  

Examples of the Questions:
  • How can I incorporate movement into this lesson?
  • How can I guarantee that every student is up and out of their desk at least once during this lesson?
  • Can we create a human graph, chart, map, or equation?
  • How can I get my class outside my four walls for this lesson?

Throughout this chapter, Mr. Burgess provides concrete, specific examples that he has used as well as the how and why they worked to motivate students.

My favorite part of the chapter is what is called "The Fun Factor". This means that sometimes it is just fine and beneficial to include activities that are just plain, old fun and that perhaps cannot be aligned to a specific standard.  In the era of the Common Core and educational standards, this is, in my opinion, perhaps the most important "hook".  Coming together as a class to participate in a fun activity builds classroom rapport, student buy-in, and builds a positive learning community.  You cannot teach students unless you first reach them!

If you would like to read more (and there is a lot more in this chapter), I strongly recommend that you borrow or purchase the book!  To order the book on Amazon click the picture below.

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As I was reflecting on my own use of kinesthetic activities, I jotted down a few that I have had success with both at the elementary and secondary levels:

More Ideas~ Primary
  • Dr. Jean Feldman- Click here to visit her Song Store for educational and silly songs with movements and gestures that kids love!
  • Read and write the room activities
  • Scoot games
  • GoNoodle-  Free Brain Breaks!
  • Brain Breaks
  • Dr. Erica Warren's Pinterest Page- over 80 ideas!
  • Brain Breaks article from Scholastic

More Ideas~ For Big Kids and Secondary
  • Chalk Talk~ My middle school students loved this silent activity that is so versatile!  Click here for an explanation and ideas for implementing.
  • Jigsaw-  See here for an explanation and ideas for this collaborative technique.
  • Gallery Walk- This is one of my favorites!  I have used it with middle and high schoolers as well as third graders.  See here for more information.
  • Charades- Use for vocabulary review/assessment, for interpretation of literature, for Book Talks.
  • Read-Around-  I used this to have students sample books before forming Literature Circles.  Very simply, I placed 4-5 books in the center of each table (different books at each table).  Students had five minutes or so to preview the books.  When the timer goes off, the group moves to another table.

Please join us this week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a Twitter chat about more Presentation Hooks (Part 2 of Teach Like a Pirate).  Just search for #tlap2014sbs on Twitter.  Make sure you follow me on Facebook so you know the exact time.  

Click here to see Friday night's discussion; we were so fortunate to have Pirate author Dave Burgess join in on our conversation!

Click here to see Tara and Sebrina's posts about the beginning of Part 2.

I hope you enjoyed our little voyage today! If you have a blog post to share about this little treasure of a book, especially kinesthetic learning, link up below!

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