Friday, January 24, 2014

Arctic Art Project and Other Homeschool Happenings

I need to preface this post with letting you know that I am NOT artistic in any way, shape , or form.  Visual and spatial skills do not come naturally to me.  However, they do for my first grade son.  In fact, everything he does is done through an artistic lens.  So, when I saw this polar bear painting idea over at that artist woman's blog, I knew we had to complete it as part of our arctic animals unit.  We just finished reading and learning about polar bears, the temps are below zero here in PA, and our yard looks like the tundra.  The timing for this project was perfect!

We followed the directions on that artist woman's blog, which includes explicit directions,photos, and free polar bear templates.  Here, my son is adding sea salt to his painted sky to add a snowy effect.

The entire project took about an hour and a half, spread out over two days.  Just a tip:  let the painting dry for a day or so before you add the painted polar bear.  We used glossy finger paint paper and tempra paints which worked beautifully.

 While we worked, we talked about what color the sky and moon are in the arctic, did they have harvest moons, if polar bears travel alone, and what they eat in this desolate terrain. 

The end product was pretty stunning.  My boys added glitter along with the sea salt for a snowy sparkle.

This is the first grader's painting:

And the second grader's painting:

Another highlight of the week was watching my first grader get so excited with the daily journal prompts that he does each morning. We are getting ready for next week where he will be writing about National Chocolate Cake Day (Monday, 1/27), an he will be writing a friendly letter to his grandparents who are spending the winter in Florida (and we are  so very just a little jealous!).  Click the picture below to download these two journal prompts for free!

The weekend is here- WOOT!  I'll be working on lesson plans for this week and drinking tons of peppermint tea to stay warm while I cruise Facebook to download freebies in this little event that I am part of:
Photo: Getting soooooo excited------it all starts in a few hours!!!!

Just click the picture above to visit myy Facebook page and to download my Cynthia Rylant FREEBIE!


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