Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kindergarten Tutoring with Phonics Fish and More!

As I am no longer in the classroom, I look forward to my private tutoring sessions each week.  One sweet little girl I work with just finished kindergarten and we are working together over the summer to keep her skills fresh and to prevent that dreaded "summer slide".  Although this smart little kinder is always so motivated, I do my best to add lots of fun and variety to our summer sessions.

This week, we continued our work of learning the Pre-Primer sight words.  I thought I would share with you an alternative to magnetic letters for spelling sight words in a very tactile manner. A few years ago, I discovered Flat Fish Phonics Fish from Carson Dellosa.  Students love to work with these foam manipulatives to make sight words and for learning and reinforcing alphabet skillsThe fish are smooth on the front and textured on the back; they lock together like a puzzle. Click on the picture below to check out the details.

The target word for this week was youEarlier in the week I introduced the word and she used magnetic letters to spell the word.  Then, on Friday, we used a playdough/tracing mat from my Playdough Tracing Sight Word Mat set and the Phonics Fish!

 We read the word in context by reading the sentence at the bottom of the mat.  Then, my cutie traced the word with an Expo marker, and she read the sentence all by herself!

Another little gadget I like to use is the Reading Helper slide to highlight target words, punctuation or whatever the teaching point is for the session.  I love to have students use a magnifying glass to search for other sight words we have learned.

After reading a sight word story from Reading A-Z  (Can You See? A perfect book to use with the Phonics Fish, as the book is about ocean animals), my little reader again used the fish to make the sight word.

Using reading manipulatives makes instruction more interactive and kinesthetic and helps the reader to focus.  The Phonics Fish is something I don't use everyday like magnetic letters or letter cards, but they are fun and effective to use when you need to add a little something different to the mix!

What are your favorite reading gadgets or manipulatives to use for instruction and/or intervention?

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  1. You always have great ideas! Love the phonics fish!!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

    1. Thank you, Jen!!!! I love how the fish feel and the endless things you can do with them. :-) Lauren

  2. These are great are all useful ideas for me to use with my resource students! Thanks for sharing. :-) I love the playdough idea!!

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

    1. Thanks, Tasha! My kinders and firsties love the playdough mats! :-) Lauren


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