Monday, July 1, 2013

4th of July Emergent Reader- FREEBIE!

As I was searching for a July 4th printable reader to use with a kindergarten student I tutor, I could not find anything appropriate.  Life is just about crazy right now with preparing for our move, preparing to homeschool in the fall, and life in general! However, I really wanted an emergent reader to use with my student this week.  So, I whipped together a little printable book to use and want to share with you!  I really, really wanted to add more to this, but ran out of time!  So, because it is a "bare bones" literacy packet, I am offering it to you for FREE!

This little printable is (9) pages, including the cover page and two writing pages at the end.  It is very simple and is perfect for emergent readers who are reading at a (B) Guided Reading level.

  • Target sight words:  come, you, will, to, the, with, me  
*I am focusing on come and you with my student
  • Written in a predictable text pattern
  • Pictures are done in black and white for students to color afterwards
  • I used a large font for easy reading
  • The last two pages have a sentence starter for students to write about their favorite part of this holiday

Easy prep!  Just print, collate, and staple together!

How will I use this in my tutoring sessions this week?
Last week we worked on the word comeThis week I will introduce the word you.  After spelling the word with magnetic letters and using my playdough sight word mat, I will introduce the book.

~I will activate prior knowledge about the 4th of July:  What do you like to do on the 4th of July?
~We will do a picture walk and the student will make a prediction of what the book will be about.
~I will do a read-aloud
~We will do a shared reading
~The student will highlight our target words in different colors
~I will have the student retell the story (we are working on  beginning, middle, end)
~The student will complete the writing pages with lots of support from me.

If this looks like something you can use, click here to download a FREE copy from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Have a fabulous holiday as we celebrate our nation's birthday!!!

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  1. Very cute! Thanks! I am putting it in my archives for later!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. Hi, Lauren--I saw your freebie on Manic Monday. What a great idea to introduce this important holiday! If we introduce and reinforce it at a young age, then by the time students get to my grade level (5), they'll know what it's all about. You'd be surprised how many don't know what Independence Day is all about!

    Aspire to Inspire

    1. Hi Kristen- Thank you for stopping by! I so agree with your comment and hope that my little book can spark (LOL) interesting discussion. :-) Lauren

  3. Neat! Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy 4th of July!


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