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Guest Blogger: I Dream of First Grade: St. Pat's Crafts!

Happy Wednesday!  I'm not here today, as I am out shoveling and snow blowing since we finally have our first real snow!  Please welcome my guest blogger, Sarah from



Hello Everyone! I'm so glad to be a guest blogger on Teacher Mom of 3. The absolute best thing about blogging is all of the wonderful people I have connected with and that includes Lauren. I love St. Patrick's Day! My husband's family is Irish and we were so excited to find his grandfather and grandmother listed on the records at Ellis Island arriving from Ireland. My daughters embrace their Irish roots and well I just tag along because it is fun! The children I have taught love St. Patrick's as well. We could all use more imagination and magic in our lives.
I have created four simple crafts for you and yours to create at home or school. Most of the items are available in your home and a few you may need to purchase but these crafts are inexpensive and fun to create. There will be a lot of pictures in this post so keep reading so you can see all of the crafts you can do.
I created golden rocks by purchasing a bag of rocks at the Dollar Store. I purchased acrylic gold paint, gold glitter paint and green paint from a craft store. Each bottle was 95 cents. I used the paint for several of the crafts.
I painted the rocks at my kitchen table! These are so much fun. You can hide them and have a gold hunt. I have also thought about putting math problems on them and letting the kids turn the rocks over to match. You could do letters or shapes. I love the ones with the green shamrocks on them. Use your little ones fingers to print the shamrock and a tooth pick to paint the stem. I also used the toothpick to create the dots.
I had soup for lunch and not being one to waste something I painted the can gold and used ModPodge to stick on the drawings. You can also use a liquid glue such as Elmer's mixed with water to attach the drawings. Remember you must put glue or ModPodge on the can and then paint over the drawings. When you are letting children paint cans put a loose sock over their hand. They can hold the can and not get covered in paint if that is a concern for you. This makes a fun gift.
The next craft uses coffee filters. Color the coffee filter with bright washable markers (the more color the better I really did not color enough on my examples) and spray with water. The colors will run together to create a rainbow. I did this on my counter at home. I have also done this project on my student tables as school. The brighter the colors the better. After the coffee filter dries fold in half and cut the edges. These make a pretty display in a window.
The last one is Rainbow Coloring with Shamrocks. You can grab the sheet here to color. I ask the children to pick their three favorite colors and color the shamrocks. Then they can pick any colors to fill the in sheet.
I hope you enjoy these crafts with the ones you love.

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  1. Sarah, how lucky am I?? I get to see some great ideas and find a new blog to follow! I loved your guest did a great job! Love the gold!!

    Hello to you too, Lauren! I am a new follower. Your blog is fantastic :)
    The Teacher’s Chair


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