Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Blogger: The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey

Happy Monday!  I am gone again today with a very busy schedule, so my new friend Michaela will be guest blogging today.  She has a very interesting book review on The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  You are going to love, love this!   ♥ Lauren

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        Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be sharing here on Teacher Mom of 3! My name is Michaela and I blog over at I wanted to share a book review with you about one of my favorite books "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids" by Sean Covey. The 7 Habits book is relevant to classrooms, home schools, and even for parents and their children at home. It engages children in evaluating themselves and developing important habits for their lives. It challenges young people to delay gratification as well as to take a look at their day to day decisions and make more positive ones. This book is based on Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and is written in a story format geared toward elementary students. Sean focuses on 7 Habits that will help children be happier and more responsible people: 1. Be Proactive 2. Begin with the End in Mind 3. Put First Things First 4. Think Win-Win 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood 6. Synergize 7. Sharpen the Saw.

 In each chapter, students are introduced to different animal characters that have a challenge they are trying to overcome. They experience the negative and the positive results of each habit and the freedom they have to choose the outcome in each circumstance. You'll find answers to questions such as: What do I do if I'm bored? Who's in charge of the choices I make? Why is it important to plan ahead? What does procrastinate mean? and much much more! At the end of each chapter there are discussion questions and baby steps that are so beneficial in the teaching process. Here are some quotes that really stood out to me in the book: -"Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do." -"A goal not written is only a wish!" -"The next time you want to argue or fight with someone about who should get the best toy, ask, 'How can I make you happy too?'" -"'You have to listen with your eyes and heart, not just your ears,' said Jumper." - "Together, Everyone, Achieves, More! (T.E.A.M.)"

Proactive Steps.001 If you choose one book to use this year for character development, I highly recommend this one! It has changed the whole atmosphere of my classroom every year that I've used it. I've had numerous positive responses from parents who are beyond excited at the improvement their child has made using these principles. In fact, I've even had a mother of a student come up to me and ask "What have you been doing in here? My son came home yesterday after school and I asked if he wanted to go out to play and he said, "No mom, I need to 'work first, then play'!" Needless to say she was shocked and thrilled all at the same time. 

If you would like a fun 7 Habits freebie you can click here. I also have many other 7 Habits craftivities and projects so feel free to come on over to my TeachersPayTeachers Store to check them out! Thank you for letting me share this book review with you. I would love to hear about any of your favorite books or activities for Character Education!
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  1. A school I was at had a whole school approach to teaching the 7 habits! I loved it! Thanks for the reminder!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Hi Allison!

      I just LOVE the 7 Habits! I've never been at a school that does it as a whole school approach, but I think that would be so neat to have that cohesion.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      <3 Michaela :)
      We Heart Edu

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  3. What a great concept for children that don't feel they have power their lives.

  4. The 7 habits is an indoctrination of our very young minds in a cult like environment. I wish more parents would research not only the company but Stephen Covey's work to understand the not so innocent religious aspect of this program. Every habit even the # 7 has a religious meaning. We are allowing an over intellectualized fluff to overtake our public schools without any facts, any research. Very disappointing.


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