Sunday, March 3, 2013

Currently March!

... is certainly roaring in like a...

Freezing temps, snow showers, gray skies... I am so ready for spring!  But, March brings us ever so much closer to spring, and it   means time for Farley's Currently March!

In my house, we listen to contemporary Christian music and classical... Christian music ministers to me and keeps me grounded... my love for classical music goes back to my childhood.  I played the violin for seven years, being a member of orchestras and a symphony.  Love it!  Now, I am also a B I G fan of 80's music!

Spring... I love the hope, renewal, pansies, warmer temps, and the fact that we are that much closer to my favorite season, summer!  I am a hot weather girl and love lazy days spent at the pool or the beach!

My family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new doxie puppy, Dunkin! We bought a mini-doxie puppy as a family gift at the end of December. Java is now 5 months old and her half brother ( a gorgeous long-haired English cream) is now eight weeks old. I will post pics once we get our little man home!

Sleep... I so crave it, am always tired (but who isn't?!), but I cannot sleep in!  I'm up between 5 and 6.  Take this morning for instance... the boys spent the night at my sister's , and I had a rare chance to sleep in. Well, I did by half an hour... I was up at 6 ready for the day! 

Slippers... I live in them and my pj's, but a certain little fur baby likes to steal mine, take them to her bed, and devour them!

My name is Lauren... so-

like- Lattes- but only from Starbuck's and only skinny, plain ones.  I don't like flavored ones as much.    

love- literature, especially Brit Lit... Shakespeare and Dickens. I love long, dramatic Victorian novels.  But, I also love, love children's lit- both classics and modern... I actually read more picture books than I do adult books.

hate- leaving... I don't like goodbyes, leaving my sweet little pup by herself, or being away from my boys.

Ok, your turn!  Link up with Farley here!  


  1. I love how Farley's Currently always leads me to someone new!!! A new puppy?? How exciting. I am glad I am now following you so I can see the pictures. Oh and my blog has a huge giveaway going on right now, come enter to win great prizes!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

    1. Thanks, Julie! I love meeting new bloggers as well. I will have to check out your giveaway! :-) Lauren

  2. I just landed here from Farley's linky. I am also a mom of 3- 26, 23 and 20- and I used to be a reading specialist. Now I am back in first grade and love it. I also cannot sleep in. (I can fall asleep at 8PM, though!) I look forward to reading more of your blog!
    Still Teaching After All These Years

    1. We have a lot in common, Carol. I ♥ firsties too! :-) Lauren

  3. I headed over here after you left a comment on my blog. I agree with Julie. I like how Farley's Currently leads me to a new bloggy friend. I am one of your newest followers. I teach first grade and I'm always looking for ways to become a better reading teacher, especially to those struggling readers. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. I love Christian music too. It's just about all I listen to. My favorite songs right now are I Love Your Presence and Closer. Listening to Christian music truly helps me find rest for my soul. Since my boys are growing up, I am desperately wanting a new puppy. My husband is against it right now, but when I'm an empty nester I will NEED a snuggly little puppy. ;0)

    1. Hi Corinna! It took my husband 7 years to convince ME that we needed a dog! Now, I have two pups and can't imagine life without them! :-) Lauren

  4. Love finding new bloggy friends! The theme of your blog is right up my alley! I love children's literature, both picture books and chapter books. A new doxie puppy! How fun. Can't wait to see pictures. I have 2 doxies and they are the best. So funny and sweet! Looking forward to reading more!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks, Gina! I'd love to see pics of your doxies. I just love this breed! :-) Lauren

  5. Just found your blog! Too cute :)



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