Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Compliments

Today's post is going to be short and sweet (pun intended).  It is after all my second (gasp!) post of the day!  As a kid, I loved creating valentine cards for my friends to take to school for the annual Valentine's Day party.  Today, I have a spin on this tradition that is smple, heartwarming, and can be completed in class with minimal effort.

I call this little craftivity Valentine's Compliments.  The premise is simple:  this holiday is all about showing those we care about how much we love and appreciate them.  Our classroom is our second family; a wise teacher spends much time at the beginning of the year establishing a loving family community of learners.  Family members do not always get along, but they cling to one another, forgive one another, and edify one another.

This activity has each child making a simple heart out of construction paper, drawing a classmate's name out of a hat, and writing one compliment about that friend.  Then, the hearts can be displayed in the classroom or hallway as a reminder of how special each person in this family is and that we all have special characteristics.

Follow these steps and add your own twist:

1.  Have each child select a piece of construction paper- let them choose their favorite color.
2.  Write each child's name on a slip of paper. Place the names in a "hat".  Each child selects a slip of paper and keeps the name of the friend on the paper a secret.  Of course, if they get their own name, they choose another one.
3.  Show students how to fold their paper in half and draw half a heart.

4. Show students how to cut along the line they drew.  I used my "crinkle" (not sure of their proper name!) scissors to make a a more creative edge.


5.  Now the fun begins! Students write the name of the friend they drew out of the "hat" . Then, they write one compliment about that person in sentence form on the heart.  My examples below are pretty simple, as I only used markers. However, if you are up to it, you can break out the glitter, puffy paint, tissue paper, etc. to really jazz up the hearts.

6.  The last step is to arrange the hearts in a ♥  shape on the wall, bulletin board, door, or in the hallway.

Students will enjoy reading the compliment their friend gave them and it will definitely foster the spirit of a family community in your classroom.  Everyone, adults included, enjoy reading a "warm fuzzy" that a friend writes or says to them.

Super simple, inexpensive, and easy peasy!  Plus it adds a splash of LOVEly color to your classroom!

If you are interested, I made three mini-posters with Bible verses for Valentine's Day.  They are great to use in your Christian school classroom, Sunday school, or at home.  You can grab them for FREE at Faith Filled Freebies by clicking here.

Enjoy!!!  ♥♥


  1. Super idea Lauren! We got to do what we can to teach kindness!

    1. Thank you, Brian. Just like each new day, we need to find the good in all people that cross our paths. :-) Lauren

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'm all about simple, inexpensive, and FUN! :-) Lauren


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