Friday, February 8, 2013

Presidential Preview and A Friday FREEBIE!

Happy, Happy Friday!  First things first:  if you are in the path of Nemo's wrath, I pray that you stay safe, warm, and that you do not lose power!

It's Friday and that means time for a little FREEBIE!  I finally, finally finished my Presidents' Day literacy packet (whew!!!! It took about 35 hours... with lots of breaks!  :-) )

This little packet was designed for small group instruction, but can be used whole class as well, or in centers in grades 1-3. I wrote (3) informational texts.  The first one is about Presidents' Day:  a simple little history of the holiday and why we celebrate.  It can be printed out on full sheets of paper or you can cut apart and make a smaller booklet.

Also included are two biographies I wrote, one for George Washington and one for Abraham Lincoln.  They are written using a bulleted list and I included illustrations, photographs, and embedded thinking prompts to encourage active reading.  You can see these biographies in the pic below at the top.

I really like the little research/report booklet the students can make after reading the articles. The booklet template is set up with headings and students gather information/key details from their reading and write on the appropriate page.

One of my Facebook followers suggested I include some opinion writing, so I included an opinion prompt and stationery sheets!  You can see a copy of the prompt in the preview photo above.

There's a week's worth of Presidential literacy fun for your reading language arts block or Guided Reading time!


Now for the Friday FREEBIE!  I created two Bubble Maps, one for Washington, one for Lincoln; these two printables are part of the Presidents' Day packet.  You can use them for any text- fiction or nonfiction.  They can be used before reading to assess prior knowledge, to record details during and after reading, to record new vocabulary words~ you get the idea.  Click the pic below to grab both of these from Google Drive!

Graphics:  Pink Cat Studio, KPM Doodles, and My Cute Graphics

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Freebie Fridays

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