Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting the New Year Off With A Little Java!

 January Ice Skating Kids

Happy New Year to all my sweet followers!  Please know how grateful I am for your support, encouragement, friendship, and inspiration you have all blessed me with in 2012!  Since beginning my blogging adventures in May 2012, I have met so many wonderful friends that have enriched my personal and professional life.

 I can only stay for a few moments.  I have been having difficulty completing work the last few days.  I have a few projects that I must finish because of prior commitments, and I need to get back to them.  Here is why I have not been too productive...

 Photo: Announcing the newest member of our family:  Java Noel~ 12 week mini doxie!

The newest addition to our family is Java, a 12 week old mini-doxie that has stolen my heartMy parents gave us money as a "family gift" with the stipulation that the money was to be used for a family purchase and not to pay bills.  We had a few family meetings and the boys and my husband decided that we "needed" a dog.  We have (7) aquatic turtles and fish, but no fur babies.   Once I saw this sweet face and her name (if you know me, you know that coffee is a HUGE part of my life!), I was in agreement.

She is a sweetheart and demands my constant attention. She likes to snuggle with me to take her naps and cries when I leave the room for any reason. Between playing with her, coaxing her to eat, trying to house break, and loving on her, I feel like a have a newborn again!

So, I must go, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and am looking forward to a New Year and to new friendships and adventures.

Blessings to you! 


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