Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PowerPoint for Kinders?

My youngest son seems to have an innate affinity for all things school related and teachery. He shares my home office with me, complete with his art desk, school supplies, calendar, and his art work plastered proudly around the room. No joke, he has taken and hoarded every single paperclip, Sharpie, and highlighter that I own!  He is always more than willing to try out my new creations. One of his favorite things to do is color the black and white printable books I write. I wrote a new book the other day, and when he came home from school he asked if I needed him to color it (if I'm not in the classroom, I often ask if he will color it so I can take pics to show you all what it looks like). 

Here he is last summer" test piloting" a phonics center I created. (Yes, he is in his p.j.s with a snack off to the side!)  Of the three boys, he is the most teachable and would enjoy homeschooling... a topic for another day...

For the last few months, he has shown an interest in creating Power Point presentations and is just as obsessed with my clip art collection as I am!  A few weeks ago, he asked if he could create and print a PPT slide for his kindergarten show and tell. Of course I said, "Sure!". Who in the world creates a PPT for show and tell?!  A future teacher does!  The letter of the week was "z" and he created this slide to print and color. He did the entire thing by himself.  I'm not sure why he used the brackets, but who am I to question?

Graphics by Scrappin Doodles

And here is the finished product after he printed and colored the sheet:

All three of my boys love to read and to create. Although, the oldest who is now 19, did not create his first PPT until he was in 3rd grade! But, my, have times changed! 

 Just for fun, here's a picture taken in August after a birthday celebration for my oldest.

What goofy boys they are!

Anyway, the other night my seven year old begged me to show him how to create a PPT.  So, being an advocate of peer-teaching, I called on my little PPT expert to show his older brother (by a whopping 14 months!) how to create one of his own. Here they are collaborating!  This was a huge confidence builder for my little Christopher who often feels insecure and anxious.

Noah, the little man on the left, finished about five slides and then immediately asked if he could sell it on "that site" (Teachers Pay Teachers).  He wants a Nintendo DS so badly and thought this may be a means to an end for him.  LOL

The boys are enjoying creating slides and working with clip art and adding some writing.  Noah has an idea for a "circle story" that involves a cheetah and Cheese Nips!  I just need to contact one of my graphic artist friends to see if they can design some custom clip art for me/him!  Honestly, I never would have thought that a kinder and firstie would be interested in creating PPT slides!  They enjoy Kid Pix at school, but PPT is a bit more complex and requires a bit more coordination and manipulation.  I guess the New Year will have us learning Glogster and Prezi!  :-)

In any case, watching them work together last night, got me thinking about primary students and technology.  I went back to a folder where I keep educational websites that I like and have used with with my boys and/or with my students.  Today, I'll share a few sites I like for digital texts.  These are all websites as I don't have a tablet (yet!) and haven't really explored the world of apps (yet!).  And, these are all FREE!

  • We Give Books- Wow!  What an amazing wealth of digital {Award-winning} books for kids to read at home or at school! Plus, the site also donates books to needy kids (hence, the name of the site).  Click the pic below and register for your free account.
  • Children's Storybooks Online- My kindergarten son especially likes this site with stories that he can read with just a little support.  Some of the books even have audio!

  • Kidzone- Fun Facts For Kids! - Tons of nonfiction reading on this site, which we all know is a huge motivator for boys! Texts are sorted by topics and by grade level. My boys like to read the animal facts, which also includes photos and activities.  Click here to visit the site.

  •  KOL Jr. Stories- Online picture books for younger students.  Great for reading at bedtime! Again, this is a free site!

I'll be back later with more of my favorite sites for reading and language arts!  Hopefully, I've shared a few new ones with you.  Be sure to comment and tell me about your favorite webiste(s) for kids!

Have a great "12-12-12" day!!!!

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