Monday, December 17, 2012


Graphics by Charlotte's Clips and Kindergarten Kids

Today is a brand new day, a brand new week.  Despite the devastation on Friday, for many the show must go on.  Teachers across the country will be entering their classrooms today with uncertainty... How will I address this heinous act? What will I say?  Will I cry?  How can I reassure my precious little ones that they are safe?  

As with any other day, you will lovingly greet your sweet ones, teach them what they need for the day, and love on them. You will carry on with grace, love, and professionalism.  For others that have suffered indescribable loss, your life will not be so normal. But God is with you, and so are countless strangers across the globe.  We won't forget to lift you and your community in prayer and to do what we can to offer you the support and comfort that you need.

For those that are still teaching this week (and anxiously awaiting the Christmas break), here are a few freebies I found that may be of use as you approach the delicate subject of the Sandy Hook tragedy:

  • I Feel Safe- a printable book to reassure students that they are safe at schoolWritten by the very talented Jodi Southard.  Click on the picture below to see the listing and to download your copy of this sweet book.

I Feel Safe {A book to reassure students that school is safe.}

  •  Sandy Hook Memorial Project a beautiful craftivity to make with your children and/or students to remind them of the importance of loving one another. Click the picture below to see The Primary Techie's listing and to download this freebie.

 Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Project

  • Christmas Is Love- a printable book I wrote a week or so ago to remind my own children that God is love, God gave us the best gift, and that Christmas is about love, not Santa and presents.  Click the picture below to download your free copy.

  • Lunch Box Love Notes- I created these at the beginning of the school year.  My own children love when I slip one of these notes into their lunch box, especially my youngest who suffers from an anxiety disorder.  Teachers can use them too.  Place a note in a child's cubby, take home folder, or on their desk while they are out of the room for lunch, recess, or specials.  A simple reminder to kids that we love them and are thinking of them.  Click on the picture below to grab your free copy.
 Lunch Box Love Notes for Little Ones!  FREEBIE!

May these printables be of good use for you and your students.  May you be brave today and do what you do best:  love and teach the little ones.

Today as I embrace my own kindergarten and first grade sons as they leave for school, I am reminded that they are not really mine... they are gifts from God that He has blessed me with.

  Blessings and love to you all!


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these resources. I'm sharing your post on FB.

  2. Thank you, Melissa. I get your blog updates via email and I was touched when I read today's post. Thank you for sharing this post on FB so that many teachers will have access to these materials. :-) Lauren

  3. I found you through the Busy Busy Hive's giveaway and am so glad I did! Thank you for those humbling words of encouragement this morning. I keep a simple reminder by my desk that reads, "Just do what you do best." It was put in my teacher's mailbox years ago anonymously. Your opening quote calms my spirit as well. Thank you.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. Hi Holly, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! It warms my heart to know that you appreciated my post! Have a very blessed Christmas! :-) Lauren


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