Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reindeer? Really?

My oldest son is now nineteen years old and a freshman (gulp!) in collegeMy two youngest are 7 years and almost 6 years old.  It's like having two different families and for that I am blessed.  I have always thought that having children made me a better teacher and that being a teacher made me a better mom.  When my oldest was in first grade, I was working on my Master's degree in reading and working toward my reading specialist certification.  That poor child was so patient as I administered many a running record on him!  When he was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and later Asperger's, it brought a new-found empathy for the students and their families I was teaching that suffered from similar disorders.

Fast forward to the present. My youngest has Selective Mutism and is in speech therapy.  Although I have never taught a student with S.M. I have had many students over the years with various anxiety disorders.  Christopher was my inspiration for starting this little blog last May.  I wanted a way to reach out and network with other parents and teachers who were working with S.M. children. As Christopher struggled with his speech therapy sessions and homework, I knew I needed to create interesting activities for him. I am not a speech language pathologist, but with Christopher's help, I create speech therapy packets for therapists and parents to use at home. He helps me select clip art, helps with the design, and offers his five year old wisdom as to whether an activity is boring or not!

I mention all of this because my children have inspired me and motivated me to be a better mom and teacher.  The youngest two are my guinea pigs when creating new items for my students.  Recently, when I realized that they thought reindeer were imaginary creatures, my latest product was born!  Now, not to dis Rudolph, but I thought it would be fun to create a nonfiction packet about these very interesting creatures.  We all know that boys love nonfiction reading and all students, at least mine, enjoy reading about animals.

My Reindeer Reading packet includes an original three page nonfiction article about reindeer:  what they look like, what they eat, and where they live. My children were excited to learn they live in Alaska.  My husband went to Alaska last fall on mission's trip with our church. Sadly, he did not see any reindeer in the wild!

My boys were peeking over my shoulder as I created this packet that is filled with graphic organizers, vocabulary cards, and writing activities.  Although the reading level is too difficult for my youngest, the oldest (reads at Guided Reading Level of H/I) was able to read it with support.

It is now on sale at my Teacher's Notebook shop! Today and tomorrow you receive an additional 10% off at checkout and can grab this packet for less than $3!

Now, as I often like to do, I will give away this packet for FREE to the first two sweet followers who leave a comment about their favorite holiday theme to teach in their classroom. Don't forget to leave your email address!  

Have a blessed day! 




  1. I love teaching Christmas Around the World with my first graders. It is my favorite theme to teach all year long.

    The Busy Busy Hive

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Heather! I can remember enjoying this theme as a student, especially when we learned about the Swedish customs! Enjoy your Reindeer Reading packet! Lauren

  2. Gingerbread theme!

    1. Hi Cherie! Yes, I love gingerbread too!!! Enjoy your Reindeer Reading packet! Lauren

  3. I'm your newest follower! I found you through TBTS!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I have to get caught up on my work for TBTS! Have a great holiday! Lauren


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