Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sneak Peek

Do you remember Madeline Hunter's lesson plan format? (I am really dating myself!)  Back in the 1980's and into the 1990's we were required to use her lesson plan components.  For my administrators, the closure piece was the deal breaker when it came to evaluations. The entire lesson could be flawless, but if there was no closure activity, you were doomed. During my "closure", I like to give a preview, a "sneak peak", if you will, of what tomorrow will bring.  Sometimes I will place a book on the white board tray and see how long it takes one of my little sweet peas to notice it.  If they notice it early in the lesson, I defer all questions and discussion about the book until the end of the lesson.  Then, I capitalize on their interest and excitement to give a preview of tomorrow's lesson.  In my experience, I have found it to be a great motivator.  I used this technique when I had my own class and use it now with my small groups.  Of course, I do not use it every day.  It is in my "bag of tricks" and I pull it out when my students' interest needs a boost, or when I have something exciting to share with them.

Today, my students saw this when they entered my room for reading intervention:


I used window markers/paint to write three tricky lightning words that we have been reviewing.  These markers are SO, SO cool!  You can use them on any glass surface such of course, a window, or a mirror. Students noticed this right away and were so excited when I told them they would be using the markers on Thursday.  We will practice writing the words on the windows, and then I will have them read the words in context in a leveled reader.  FUN!!

As I was basking in their excitement, it made me think of how previewing a book (taking a picture walk) before reading can also motivate students to read, as well as getting their brains ready to read by activating prior knowledge. Today, my firsties finally got a chance to read Pumpkins In the Fall .  This nonfiction book boasts gorgeous photographs and prompted students to talk and share before reading about what they already know about how pumpkins grow, trips to the pumpkin patch, and carving pumpkins.

They read the book with their reading buddy and then made a list of facts/details they learned about pumpkins on large sticky notes.  On Thursday, they will share what they learned and we will reread the book.

It was a very productive day with my little pumpkins!  On a final note, I leave you with a preview of a little election unit I'm working on for my super readers.  Click the picture below to grab a FREE election day poster!

Graphics:  scrappindoodles.com

That's a wrap!  How's that for closure?!  :-)
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