Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

As I was up way too early on a Saturday morning blog hopping, I ran across a blog post from Pocket Full of Kinders on Common Core State Standards for kindergarten and an incredible CCSS workbook giveaway!

Although I work in a private school, our recently revised reading and language arts curriculum is based on the CCSS.  Part of my job as a literacy coach is to assist teachers in implementing the curriculum to ensure that the standards are met as we prepare students for 21st century learning.  Kindergarten is a focus area of mine this year, and learning more about the CCSS is one of my professional goals.

So, I was beyond excited to read about this CCSS workbook resource for kindergarten on Shuna's blog!
With over 600 pages, this Kindergarten Common Core workbook has activities, worksheets, activity centers, and posters for all the kindergarten standards for math and English!  This is a must-have for me and how convenient that all the materials and information I need are included in one resource!

If you are a kindergarten teacher, click the picture above to check out this amazing workbook!  If you are a blogger, click here to learn how you can win this book for free!

Happy learning!  Happy weekend!

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