Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn Theme Packet for Speech Therapy and Literacy

There's a hint of autumn in the air... leaves are starting to change, the nights are cooler, a golden hue appears on farmers' fields, and pumpkins are everywhere!  With the change of seasons means I had to create a new speech therapy articulation packet for my five year old.

My newest packet focuses on the /k/ and /g/ sounds as they appear in initial, medial, and final position of fall theme words.  Although this was designed for speech therapy, it can also be used for literacy instruction as you teach fall theme words!

My new packet contains:

* (32) fall theme word cards with fall picture and word underneath.

* Two sorting mats. Child reads/repeats word and sorts onto the /k/  or /g/ mat.
*Two make a sentence mats. Child places card at the end of the sentence starter and reads or repeats sentence to use words with targeted sounds in context.
*Brainstorming sheet and stationery for older children to write a story using words from word cards.
*(12) tracing cards for students to trace words using the targeted sounds to reinforce kinesthetic and visual learning.
*If using in a literacy center, students can arrange in alphabetical order, write sentences, or use the word cards as flash cards to learn about fall.  For more fall fun, use the cards to write a language experience story!

I love the adorable graphics I used by Scrappin Doodles, My Cute Graphics, Graphics From the Pond, and Ms. Fultz's Corner.  Tracing letters are by The 3AM Teacher!  Thank you, ladies!

Click the picture at the top of this post to see the listing in my TpT store.

And finally, here's a FREEBIE for you!  Click the picture below to grab two original fall poems that are included in my Pumpkin Patch Dolch Phrases packet. I use these for fun fluency practice and for teaching visualizing. 

May you have a restful weekend and have time to enjoy the beauty of the season!

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