Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sight Word Coloring Book!

Happy TPT Back to School Sale Day!!!  
YAY!  It's finally here!  I know that I am ready to shop 'til I drop!

I wanted to share with you one of my new products that got a thumbs up from my very particular six year old son.  This doesn't happen too often, so I have learned that if Noah likes it, then other kids probably will too!

This is a 57 page packet that contains the following:

  • A word wall mini-poster
  • Alphabet letters- A-Z- for the word wall. Done in brown gingham  with bear animals
  • Word cards for all the pre-primer,primer,first grade DOLCH sight words are included decorated with various forest animals

What my son really liked is the printable sight word coloring mini-booklet! All clip art is in black and white for students to color and to save you ink. All words- pre-primer to grade 1 are included. Once students master a word and can read it, they color in the little forest animal beside the word.You can make booklets according to level (e.g., a primer level booklet). These are great for students to mark their accomplishments and to take home for practice. 

Noah loved coloring the pictures for the pre-primer booklet I used as a sample in my listing:

For my intervention students, I make a booklet for each student.  They color the cover page you see on the left.  All word pages have a code on the bottom right.  Look at the right hand side of the above picture.  You can see that I highlighted the PP (pre-primer).
I assess students frequently on sight words in isolation and within context.  These little booklets will help me to differentiate. When students master the words in one booklet, they move onto the next until they reach grade level.

I usually do 1-2 pages a week.  If the child can read the words with automaticity, they color in the picture.  As I am assessing each individual child, the rest of the students are either coloring their pictures (I put a little pencil mark beside the picture as they are reading so they know which ones to color in) or practicing their words. 
Students take home the booklets each night with their take-home book to practice.  Then, they can find the words in the reading book they took home.  Once they master the words, they get to take the booklet home for keeps!

You can see the complete listing in my TPT store.

Normally this item is priced at $3.50, but it is only $2.80 today and Monday when you use coupon code BTS12.

I'm really excited to use this set with my new owl-theme classroom decor!

Ok, I'm off to...... SHOP!

Have a super Sunday!


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