Thursday, August 16, 2012

Please Welcome Second Grade Nest!

Hey guys! 
I am guest blogging for the wonderful blog of Teacher Mom of 3
My name is Jessica Tobin, I teach second grade in Kentucky and my blog is called Second Grade Nest.

Back to School and Children's Literature  

Today, I've decided to talk about including Literature on the first few days of school!

I was inspired to write this blog entry because of this amazing deal!
These are all available at Kohl's! For only $5 a piece! Getting a hardback book for $5 is hard enough, but I got a stuffed animal for $5, too!! So for $15, this could be yours! Check out your local Kohl's for your set of Skippyjon stuff!

Anyways, including reading on the first day of school is very important for the younger (and older) set of students. 

Here are some fun, popular back to school reads:
Back to School Fun
Teaching emotions on the first day
Back to school fun
Teaching manners and behavior on the first day
Teaching how to be a good friend
Teaching how to be a good citizen

Those are all fabulous books for the first few days of school. Of course, there are zillions more! Don't forget the classics, like The Kissing Hand, If You Take a Mouse to School, Office Buckle and Gloria, Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten.

Tying activities and games into these books is fun, as well. One of my products on TPT ties in No, David and The Rainbow Fish. 
David in Andy Warhol-style artwork

Paper plates with finger paint! 

I would like to give a big thanks to Teacher Mom for 3 for giving me this opportunity to reach out to her audience, too!! It was fun, enjoy the first days of school! 

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing these adorable picture books!!

Make sure you check out Jessica's blog!  She has pictures of her classroom and wonderful organizational ideas.

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