Thursday, August 2, 2012

Owls, Owls, Everywhere! FREEBIES!

This summer I have fallen in love with a few new things.  First, are my adorable little aquatic turtles, Yertle, and his friend Timmy.  Then there are the owls.  Now, I don't have owls as pets nor have I seen any in my neighborhood, but I have acquired a new affinity for them.  When I started my blog back in May, I had no idea how popular they were!  All I knew is that the graphics I found were adorable and I liked the the allusion to the "wise old owl"!  I'm old, but alas, not as wise as I hope to be!

A few weeks ago, I decided to have a custom blog designed for my classroom to keep parents informed of our accomplishments.  I contacted Design by Christi who created this cutie of a blog for me with- you guessed it- owls!

So, I have been trying to squeeze in time to remake and create some new items for my reading intervention classroom that revolve around my owl theme.  Now, truth be told, I really have two themes for this year.  First, my beloved owls for my Daily 5 bulletin board, classroom decorations, rewards, etc.  Second, the take-home reading program I designed for my students is a popcorn theme.  That is another story for another day!

Now, back to owls!  Just this week, I finished my newest packet.  It's a 61 page resource with word wall letters, all the DOLCH words for pre-primer to second grade PLUS reading strategy and process mini-posters!  All coordinated with an adorable owl theme design from Tracee Orman.

Click the preview pic to see the listing in my Teacher's Pay Teachers store!

But I didn't stop there!  Last evening my nest was unusually empty and quiet as all my boys were away, so I had time to create more for my classroom!

I made four different styles of folder covers that could also be used as journal covers.  When my intervention students come to me, they have a folder they keep in my room.  It stores their handouts, printable books, graphic organizers, and books we are reading.

Next, I made bookmarks to remind students of the decoding strategies we work on.  So often when I ask, "What do you do when you come to a tricky word?"  The response is usually "sound it out".  As we all do, I teach my little cuties specific strategies they can use so they have numerous strategies to use in their smart brains since no one method will work every time.  We always start with picture clues and then move to "get your mouth ready".  I plan to laminate these and have students circle the target strategy with an Expo marker.  Later, when reading to self or with a friend, they can check off the ones they used and discuss during reflection and conference time.  I will also send a set of these home with their take-home books.

 A little praise goes a l o n g way!  My students love when I write a brief "happy note" on a sticky note for a job well done.  They get so excited to take the note back to their classroom teacher and to share with parents.  I made these little incentives/mini-certificates to use this year.

Finally, I always celebrate sight word accomplishments since many of my students really struggle in this area.  Here are the mini-certificates I'm using.  Just fill in the child's name, how many sight words they mastered, your signature, and date.  I used something similar last year and students, teachers, and parents loved it!

You can grab all of these FREEBIES on Google Drive. Just click here!  All coordinate with my owl theme word wall set!

I hope that they can be of use to you in your nest classroom this year!

Before I go, I'm not sure why some of my text is in bold and some isn't.  I did not click the bold button. If you can offer any suggestions as to how to remedy this, I would be very grateful!!

Have a a HOOT of a day!


  1. This is SO cute! I am also having an owl themed room! I LOVE your owl stuff!! :)
    Patterson's Porch

  2. Thank you, Dani! I love my owls too, for they represent my 3 little owlets! Thanks for stopping by! Lauren

  3. Lauren,

    Thank you for the owl freebie. I actually made my first owl freebie this week too:) Fly over and check it out.

    Creatively yours,


  4. I love your Owls stuff. The mascot of the school where I teach is the Owlet. I was wondering if you could email me the reading notebook covers as a doc file or change "reading" to "music." (I am the band director). I have my kids keep a binder for all of their music and theory worksheets. Thanks a bunch! My email is You can check out my band website at

  5. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I sent you an email with the folders attached! :-) Lauren


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