Friday, August 31, 2012

My Week In Pictures

What my room looked like last week!

Monday was the first of school for students and we all hit the ground running!  I am amazed at how well students did with adjusting after almost 12 weeks of vacay!  They immediately got into the groove!

As a specialist, I do not have my own class, and my small groups have not been formed yet.  I have been spending time modeling lessons, "pushing in" to kindergarten, and teaching writing to second graders whose teacher unexpectedly had to miss the first week of class.

Here's a peek into my week...

First my classroom... yes, I am blessed to have a mega large room!

Before school started!

Cleaning out the closet!

The vowels are sticky letters from Carson Dellosa that I LOVE! LOVE!

My small group teaching area!

Pinterest- inspired!  graphics:  KPM Doodles

I started my focus wall!!

Graphics:  The 3 AM Teacher

I have the polka dot header cards listed in my TpT store

My alphabet is always mounted at "kid level".  I place it under this bulletin board.  I want students to be able to touch the letters and interact with them.  They can't do that if it is mounted above my chalkboard!

My middle son- working hard on the first day of school!!

Notice his tongue!!

My youngest... still in shock that summer vacay is over!

The view from my window.  It looks out onto the playground.  The picturesque farm, the sight of kids playing, hearing the giggles and squeals of children, and being able to watch my own children play soothes my soul!

Next time, I'll share my incredible week with second graders and how my husband thought outside of the box and made me a pocket chart stand!

Woot!  It's Friday and a l o n g weekend!  Enjoy!


  1. Love your view! How relaxing. My view is of the parking lot it could be worse the other side of the school looks at the wall to the gym. I at least have sunlight. Love your room!! Have a great weekend!

    The Busy Busy Hive

    1. I have to have the blinds open at all times! Thanks for stopping by! You have a great weekend too! Lauren

  2. Beautiful room and beautiful view! I teach high school biology but I've always decorated my room with lots of bright, colorful posters, plants and usually a critter or two. I do it as much for myself as for my students ... I don't want to work in a bland, sterile environment and I'm always hopeful that it'll spark the kids' interest.

    Thanks for sharing your room with us!


    1. Thank you, Debbie! I'm trying to convince my husband to let me bring our aquatic turtles into my classroom! Have a great school year! Lauren

  3. I love your "Kiss Your Brain" Jar. Best of luck as you start this new school year!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

    1. Thank you! I gave out lots of kisses today and the kids of course loved it! Thanks for stopping by! Lauren

  4. I was going to comment how much I loved "Kiss your Brain" also! What a great view from your classroom - I have never seen the self adhesive letters before! Very cute and so easy!! Good luck for the school year!


    1. The view is amazing and I love it in the winter when I can see the ski resort from my window! Have a great school year! Lauren


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