Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit

Tomorrow is the first day of school for students. With excitement and anticipation, I am looking forward to seeing returning and new students.  My oldest son, a freshman in college, starts class, and my youngest two sons begin kindergarten and first grade at the school in which I teach.  My husband returns to work after a two week vacation.

I choose to begin the new school year in prayer.  Not in fear of the unknown, not with worry, not with negativity, not with impatience, not with a bitter attitude, and not with a heavy heart.

It used to be a common practice for a group of Christians in my community to have a back to school prayer service for the public school students.  They would then walk the halls of the public schools praying for the students, teachers, and  the classrooms.

As I was remembering this and preparing my heart for a new school year in my private Christian school, I was reminded of Galatians 5:22-23.  As we near the season of autumn and of the harvest, it is appropriate.  What fruit am I bearing and harvesting? Am I bearing fruit? Is the fruit evident to all: my family, my students, my colleagues, my neighbors, strangers?  Where is my joy?  Do I have joy? Do I have peace?  When the storms come raging in, when the drought leaves me weary and thirsty, is my fruit still evident?  Not only that, but is the fruit mature, ripe, and evident to all?

As I reflect, I pray for myself, but more importantly, for my family, my students, my colleagues.  I pray that they will bear much fruit.  I pray that their joy will be found in the Lord and not in fleeting moments of happiness and contentment.  I pray that their faithfulness will prevail no matter what the circumstances.

I made this little mini-poster to hang outside my classroom door as a daily reminder for me and my students.  Click the pic to grab a free copy!

I pray for you, my sweet readers, that you will have a blessed school year!  

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