Saturday, August 25, 2012

Focus Walls, I Need Your Help, and FREEBIE!

Just a week ago, this is how I was spending my days...

Taking a vacation late in the summer, just a week before in-service, was a refreshing respite, helped me to adjust my focus, and prepare for back to school. 

 Speaking of focusing, did you read Martha Moore's excellent guest blogger post on focus walls?  If not, you can read about it hereShe inspired me to take the plunge and begin designing my own focus wall.  

As a reading specialist, I work with varying grade levels  both in a pull-out and push-in setting.  My plan is to adapt the concept of a focus wall for my pull-out groups this year.  I will not know the students I am working with until the beginning of the year assessments are completed.  However, I started designing my focus wall cards around a polka dot theme that will match the owl theme I have going in my room.  Here is a sampling what I have so far:

Frames:  The 3 AM Teacher and Ms. Fultz's Corner
 Graphics:  www.mycutegraphics,com
This packet as you can see includes the header cards and a variety of genre and reading strategy mini-posters.  There are a total of 19 slides.

What would you like to see included in a focus wall packet?  Leave a comment and I will do my best to include it!  My goal is to have this finished and listed in my store early next week.

Now, this is totally off-topic and some of you may think I've totally lost my focus (but you already knew that!  HA!)... I want to learn more about WBT (Whole Brain Teaching) as one of my professional goals this year.  Have you been trained in WBT?  Do you use WBT?  What is one professional book that is a must-read on this topic?  If you have a minute, leave me a suggestion!

As a thank you, I would be happy to send you a FREE copy of my focus wall set if you leave a comment on one or both of the questions above.  Just leave a comment by Monday (8/27/12) morning. Don't forget to leave your email address!

Thanks for your help!   I know I can count on you for wonderful ideas!

Have a great weekend... get some rest, enjoy spending time with family, and savor every minute of these fleeting days of summer!


  1. Thanks so much. I've read a lot on their site. (Whole brain teaching). This summer I also spent a lot of time looking at blogs. Their has been an explosion of great ideas shared. Try pinterest too. :)

    1. Thank you Yvonnee! I found a good website and will be looking at that in more detail. :-)

  2. I have focus walls on my blog if you want to check them out for different headings that you can use. They are on their own page and they are free, so I would love for you to use them for ideas!

    1. Hi Janine, your focus wall headers look great! I'm aligning mine to our Treasures reading series. Looks like I have most of the headers and now have to work on the comprehension and strategy mini-posters. :-)

  3. Some of our teachers use WBT at our school. I haven't been trained but watching them and reading all the free training manuals and videos on the WBT website has helped me implement quite a bit in the classroom. This is the first year that I started using it right off the bat and my classroom dynamic is the best I've ever had in 13 years of teaching. The WBT website also does webinars every week that you can watch also.

    Lisa R

    1. Hi Lisa! I bookmarked the website and am looking forward to exploring it and registering for some webinars. Wow, thank you for sharing about how well WBT is working for you. This is so encouraging! :-)

  4. I just started using WBT and it's amazing. I used their website for any tips and suggestions. I also have the book BRAIN RULES. It's great by John Medina. He even has one called Brain RULES for babies. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you Michele! I bookmarked the site and am going to check out your book suggestion. A colleague and I want to do a WBT book study this year. This helps tremendously! :-)


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