Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lightning Words!

Oh, snap! (does anyone besides me still say that?) Saturday was not the "pool day" my two youngest and I had hoped for.  So, we took our time getting our of our pj's, ran to the library, and just goofed around.

As I was fooling with a new game board design, my five and six year old sons came over to check out my work.  They offered suggestions and designed a new game board for the DOLCH pre-primer sight words.

I call sight words "lightning words" because a good reader needs to know them lightning fast so he/she can use their smart brain energy on the tricky words.  When students come to me for intervention, I introduce them to this terminology and we make lightning bolts in the air super fast as we read and learn words.  They think it is fun and so do I!

Now, this is not what I had planned to work on today.  I actually wanted to work on two literacy packets for two picture books I will be using at the beginning of the year. But, alas, my boys were so interested and the 5 year old needs to work on his pre-primer words, and I can use this game with my intervention groups. (can you say RUN ON sentence? LOL)

The design of the game would not have been my first choice. It is not really my style.  However, my boys love it, and I figured if they like it, then other kids may too. It's not about me, anyway!

So here is it is:

 The game includes *40* word cards from the Dolch pre-primer list.  Just add a die and game markers! 

Noah and Christopher think other kids would love this game, so click on the pic to grab a copy for FREE!

Enjoy your day... may you have rest, peace, and refreshment!


  1. So cute-thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This is super cute. I am printing it and going to use it with my special ed class.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  3. Thanks Jennifer and RealOCTeachers! Please let me know how your students like the game. My sons would get love to get feedback! Lauren

  4. Looks good! I love that your boys helped design it! Off to check it out!


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