Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lessons From A Turtle

 Earlier this summer, my husband added a garden pond to a small flower garden in our backyard. Although the garden is tiny, we have bird feeders, a bird bath, a small fountain, and now a small pond.  The backyard is humming and buzzing with activity as my two youngest boys play and as our outdoor friends come to visit.  A perk is that I can see it from my office window and it offers a pleasant brain break for me as I'm working throughout the day!

Not long after my husband installed the pond, he took a trip to a pet store and came back with a red-eared slider aquatic turtle.  Now we have two!  I have never been much of a turtle fan, but I have grown to love these little reptiles!

 I have made a few observations of Yertle and Timmy over the last few weeks:
  • They stick together often sunning themselves on the rocks.  Timmy, the smaller of the two, will often lay his head on Yertle!
  • They spend lots of time under water, away from the noise and distraction of the backyard.  What are they thinking?  Plotting a scheme to escape?
  • Their aquatic home is small, yet they are quite content
  •  For the most part, they live in peace with 5 fish, 2 tadpoles, and an algae eater.  Well, now the tadpoles are gone, so it was not so peaceful!
  • They are cautious... always aware of their surroundings... their sense of smell and sight is much stronger than their hearing
  • They are quiet and don't make a sound.
  • They are careful observers.

That's Yertle on the right!

One can learn much from a turtle...

I don't have any turtle products- yet.  But in honor of my new tadpoles (who are in a the barrel fountain and away from Yertle and Timmy) growing tiny legs, here's a Froggy FREEBIE for you!

 If you know of any turtle picture books (besides Dr. Seuss) that my kinder and firstie sons would enjoy, please leave a comment!

Have a super-good weekend!!


  1. So cute! There are the Franklin series of books - they are lovely!


  2. Thanks, Alison! I completely forgot about Franklin. We have a few of those books in our home library. Thank you for stopping by! Lauren


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