Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Ray of Sunshine

After being a mom for nineteen years and a teacher for twenty-three, kids just never cease to amaze me!  I often wonder if I teach and inspire them as much as they do me!

My youngest son is very artistic and has an eye for color, designs, and patterns.  Everything he sees is filtered through his artistic intelligence. So, earlier in the week we were reading Eric Carle's The Artist Who Painted a Blue HorseThen he was working on some coloring and crafts I created for this newest packetI could write an entire post about this beautiful book, but here's what I want to share with you today.

When I thought my son was cleaning up the paints and art supplies, he was actually creating something new.  This often happens to him.  He gets a new idea and has to immediately try it out and explore!  So, anyway, he called for me to come see his masterpiece.

He had taken a paper plate and made an amazing sun.  Notice the similarity to Carle's style?

 He left it on the breakfast bar to dry and just looking at it made me smile.  Later in the day as we were running errands, I had an idea!  We're working on the concept of what a sentence is.  He can point to a sentence in a book, but when asked to use one of his speech therapy words in a sentence, he does not know what to do.  As we were driving home and as I was thinking of his sun, I challenged him and his older brother ( by a whopping 14 months) to finish this sentence:

Summer is__________.

They came up with:
Summer is hot.
Summer is fun.
Summer is marvelous!  (ooohh!  such a sparkly, fancy word choice!)
Summer is for eating ice cream.
Summer is when I ride my bike.

When we got home, my inspiration really kicked in.  I grabbed some yellow streamers and my youngest son dictated a sentence to me as I wrote it on the streamer.  It was hard to write on the streamer because it is bumpy, so if I did this again, I would use yellow construction paper and have him complete the sentence starter.

Here's the final product, hung proudly on the bulletin board in my office:

My sweet Christopher was so excited that he "wrote" four sentences!

Have a sunny Saturday!


  1. That is a really cute idea! I am your newest follower and fan! :)

  2. Thank you, Karla! If an idea gets approved by my 5 and 6 yr old sons, then I know that it just may work in the classroom! I"m now following your adorable blog!


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