Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get them in On the Action!

So, how does a mom with small children actually find time to make and create new items for the classroom?  I have always struggled with this since I want my children to be first priority, but I am also very dedicated to my career.  Being a morning person and not a "night owl" means that I can't stay up too late to create since I get up at 5:30 a.m. ( even in the summer!).  What works for me is involving my kids as much as possible!

When I create new games, my 5 yr old will often sit on my lap and help me select clip art.  He and his 6 yr old brother enjoying playing the games, which allows me to test it out before I use it in the classroom or list it in my TPT store.

I will often allow my boys to create the crafts or coloring that accompany my products and then take pictures to use in the listing, or to use as an authentic kid example in the classroom.

Does this always work?  No, especially if I'm working on an activity or product that is above their level.  Or, sometimes, I just need think time to work on something complicated.

This morning, I was working on a writing and art mini-unit for an Eric Carle book.  I gathered the art supplies I would need and my 5 yr old, immediately became interested!  He ran upstairs to put on his orange Eric Carle shirt and immediately wanted to help me!  He and his brother worked for 45 minutes on "test-piloting" my craftivity!

I over heard my middle son say, "I'm such a good artist today!".  Awww..... I may never sell a single copy of my mini-unit, but that's ok.  My own children had fun using their imaginations and making a mess with paint, tissue paper, glue, and water, and were quite proud of their masterpieces!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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